In 1991 in Rosario, Argentina, Diego Parodi had the idea of creating products to increase agricultural productivity and in turn contain multiple functions within a single formulation, which was something practically unknown to producers in Argentina at the time.

Since its beginning, Spraytec innovative impulse has never stopped. e company has been constantly launching new concepts and new products combining convenience, nutrition, protection, and health through its exclusive formulations combining application technology and low doses.

A fundamental objective of our philosophy is to obtain beer agronomic results while preserving to the maximum our planet’s natural resources.

is disruptive concept was received with great success throughout dierent regions. Spraytec landed its technology in Brazil in 1999, followed by Paraguay in 2004, Bolivia in 2005, Uruguay in 2006, United States in 2014, and Ukraine in 2018. We currently have orders for expansion in China, France, Germany and Central America.

Spraytec also develops activities in other elds such as bovine genetics, food industry, meat production to pasture, containers for chemicals and food industry, animal health, and scientic research.